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Mar. 31 to Apr. 1, 2017

About the Play/Event

Run: Mar. 31 — Apr. 1, 2017



Company: LBP, Anna Kate Mohler producing

Dates: March 31 &  April 1 @ 8pm

Tickets: $10.00


The annual festival nurtures emerging and established playwrights to develop new scripts. Reading 100+ scripts a year, the New Works Literary Committee chooses two top plays to receive a staged reading with critical feedback from professional theatre critics and audience talk back.


THE OTHER GENIUS a farce by Steven Haworth
Stage Reading: Saturday, April, 1st at 8pm

Reading directed by David Anis

Cast List:

Will Jorge (Jameson)

Laura Clagett (Fiona)

Derek Bulger (David)

Loren Bowen (Ariana)

Bradley Roa (Darko)

Chelsea Anna (Tamazawa)

Jameson, a student at a local community college is obsessed with Fiona, his childhood au pair who is now his Psychology 101 professor, who is in love with David, a wealthy and powerful genius business man who also happens to be Jameson’s father. Jameson finds out about his father and Fiona’s love affair, and while in the process of breaking them up, is confronted with his past. Plot twist after plot twist sends Jameson on a wild journey, revealing truths that he could not have imagined in his wildest dreams.

ON A RAW MOOSE DAY by Alan Goodson
Stage Reading: Friday, March 31st at 8pm

Reading directed by Chris Mertan

Cast List:

Bob Fetes (Max Leviathan)

Larry Adler (Andrew Folger)

Loren Bowen (Judy Leviathan)

Alec Malczynski (Jimmy Spiegel)

Jane Nunn (Margie Leviathan)

In this meta-theatrical farce, a character in a play realizes that he is an actor playing a character in a play and that the world around him, his words and actions have all been predetermined by a playwright. His sanity comes into question when he tries to convince the other charactrs of this revelation. With fascinating twists and turns, truth and reality become blurry, challenging the viewer’s perceptions.

Produced by Anna Kate Mohler

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