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 Studio Auditions

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Title: Chekhov Shorts: The Bear, The Proposal and The Bet

Author: Anton Chekhov

Director: Diane Benedict

Run:  June 14- July 12th, 2014

Fridays & Saturdays 8pm, Sundays at 2pm. Thursday and Sunday night shows available for private parties and special events.


Audition Dates

Open Call-

Dates: April 21 & 22, 2014

Times: 7-9pm

Location: Long Beach Playhouse

This is an Equity Waiver production. Union members, as well as non-Union members are welcome.



Date and Time:

April 23, 2014, 7pm



Date and Time: Sundays 6-9pm, Mon-Thu 7:30-10:30pm

Location: Long Beach Playhouse


Audition Requirements

Bring headshot and resume. Prepare a one-minute comedic monologue. Be prepared for cold reading from the script.


In The Bear, Popova has locked herself in the house since her husband’s death. Unable to pay her dead husband’s debt, she is embroiled in an argument with the landlord; Smirnov, whom she calls, among other things, A Bear. In the end Smirnov falls in love with Popova and the final kiss is arrived at only after much argument.

In The Marriage Proposal, a long time neighbor, Lomov, asks for Stepan’s daughter, Natalya’s, hand in marriage. After receiving the father’s blessing, Natalya is asked to join them. This is where the farce begins. Arguing about the mundane, with his betrothed,  Lomov finally collapses from exhaustion. The proposal is accepted with a kiss and the farce of their marriage begins with yet another argument.

The Bet” is a story with a twist ending about an attorney and a bank employee who concoct a bet with one another regarding whether or not life in prison was better than receiving the death penalty.



Casting the following roles:


The Bear:

ELENA IVANOVNA POPOVA, (F, 25-45) a landowning widow


GRIGORY STEPANOVITCH SMIRNOV, (M, 35-55) a middle-aged landowner


LUKA, (M 50-65) Popova’s unwell footman, effeminate


The Proposal:



NATALYA STEPANOVNA, (F 18-25) his daughter


IVAN VASSILIYITCH LOMOV, (M, 30-45)  a nervous neighbor of Tschubukov


The Bet:


THE LAWYER, (M, 25-35) quiet, elfin, intelligent


THE BANKER, (M, 45-65) man, boastful, arrogant, smug


About the Director:

Diane Benedict is a Professor of Theatre Arts at Loyola Marymount University, where she teaches Stanislavski techniques, and Chekhov in Performance.  She lived in Moscow for one year as a Fulbright Scholar at the Moscow Art Theatre, where she taught voice and served as a dramaturge and completed her post-graduate work in Stanislavski and Chekhov.  Previous post-graduate work in Shakespeare was completed while living in London for a year studying at The Drama Studio. Ms. Benedict received her M.F.A. in performance at UCLA. She is excited to return to the studio with her own translation and adaptation of two of Chekhov’s one-act plays, The Bear and The Proposal, and his short story, The Bet, after previous LBP directing projects such as Rabbit Hole, The Heiress, Becoming Eleanor and Beast on the Moon. Internationally, Ms. Benedict recently adapted and directed Mother Road, at the Brotfabrik Theatre in Bonn, Germany, which was based on four of John Steinbeck’s major novels.  She also directed What is to be Done?, a tribute to Tony Kushner, at Theatre am Balsaal in Bonn, Germany, and a multi-media production of Conference of the Birds, which played at the Moscow Art Studio Theatre.  Local directing credits include RENT, The Seagull, Kiss Me Kate, Macbeth, The Threepenny Opera, The House of Bernarda Alba, The Cherry Orchard, and Once on this Island 


Mainstage Auditions

Fiddler on the Roof Banner

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Author: book by Joseph Stein, lyrics by Jerry Bock and music by Sheldon Harnick.

Director: Phyllis B. Gitlin

Musical Director: Nathaniel Brown

Choreographer: Ellen Prince

Run:  July 12-August 23, 2014

Fridays & Saturdays 8pm, Sundays at 2pm. Thursday and Sunday night shows available for private parties and special events.


Audition Dates

Open Call/Non Union/No pay

Dates: Monday, May 12 and Tuesday, May 13 2014.

Times: 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Location: Long Beach Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804.


Date and Time:  Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 7:00p.m.



Date and Time:  Starting May 18th, 2014. Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings, dependent on conflicts. Actors will not be called for every rehearsal.

Location: Long Beach Playhouse, Mainstage

Audition Requirements

Bring headshot and resume. Prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song. Accompanist provided. Dress to move, choreographer to teach a combination. Cold readings may follow. Bring all conflicts for audition form. There are non-singing roles.



FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is the heart warming, Tony Award winning musical about the milkman, Tevye and his family in the Jewish community of Anatevka in Tsarist Russian. Tevye strives to keep up the traditions of his faith and culture against the backdrop of discrimination and prejudice. Of main concern to Tevye and his wife Golde is to find their five daughters appropriate husbands in order to have a fulfilling life. The musical is a story of humor, conflict and love.


Casting the following roles:

All Ethnicities are encourages to audition. 


Tevye:  (M 40-60) a likeable, hard working man with a sense of humour and a connection to his Jewish roots. He is a loving father to 5 daughters. When pushed, his temper flares. Strong actor who can connect with the audience. Baritone.


Golde:  (F 35-55) the wife of Tevye and the real head of the household. Her passion in life is her family and helping them to have a promising future. Good comic timing. Mezzo.


Yente:  (F 50-60) the matchmaker. She is the village busybody. Alto.


Lazar Wolf:  (M 35-60) the butcher. He is the wealthiest man in town. He wants to marry Teveye’s daughter, Tzeitel. Feisty. Baritone.


Tzeitel:  (F 18-25) eldest daughter. Strong willed. Strong actress. ballet a plus. Mezzo.


Motel:  (M 18-30) the tailor. He is meek, nervous and sensitive. A loveable mensch in love with Tzeitel. Tenor.


Hodel:  (F 17-24) the second daughter. In love with Perchick, a radical. Strong actress, feisty, ballet a plus. Mezzo.


Perchik:  (M 20-30) the tutor. A visitor to the town. A radical who challenges the traditions. Charismatic, in love with Hodel. Tenor.


Chava:  (F 16-23) third daughter. The scholar of the family who falls in love and runs off with Fyedka, a Russian soldier. She breaks her father’s heart. Strong ballet skills a plus for the Chavella ballet. Mezzo.


Fyedka:  (M 21-32) the Russian soldier. A strong soldier who falls in love with Chava. He has a solo in “TO LIFE.”  Dance skills a plus. High tenor to A.


Shprintza and Bielke:  (F 10-16/8-14) the youngest daughters. Ballet a plus.


Bar Mitzvah Boys:  (M 10-16) counterparts to the youngest daughters.


The Constable:  (M 30-45) the Russian military official. He and Tevye have an understanding, but this does not stop him from doing his job.


The Rabbi:  (M 45-65) the religious leader of the village. Baritone.


Mendel:  (M 16-25) the rabbi’s son. Baritone.


Mordcha:  (M 30-60) the innkeeper. Tevye’s friend.


Avram:  (M 16-30) the bookseller. Baritone.


Grandma Tzeitel:  (F 55-70) she is a ghost figure in Tevye’s dream with a very strong solo. The actress will also play a village person. Mezzo.


Fruma-Sarah:  (F 30-65) is a ghost figure in Tevye’s dream. Requires a strong singer actress with a challenging solo. This role will also be a villager. Mezzo.


Nachum:  (M 35-65) the beggar. Ensemble.


Yussel:  (M 25-60) the hatter. Ensemble.

Shandel:  (F 40-60) Motel’s mother. Ensemble.


Sasha:  (M 18-30) Russian soldier. Ensemble.


Priest:  (M 30-60) Christian spiritual leader. Ensemble.


Villagers, Russians, Dancers:  Ensemble members for featured dance, singing and acting roles. Russian dancers and bottle dancers. There will be doubling to be determined in rehearsal.